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I’ve been offering mixed media art lessons in Alaska since 2007. Teaching kids, Senior citizens, handicapped, disabled kids, kids with learning disabilities and many many others. I furthered my reach into the world of teaching In 2016 when I was certified to teach the Zentangle method. Creating art is what brought joy, hope and confidence back into my life. In 2010 I was hospitalized for Blood clots in my right arm. After many months of trying to recover, I had to have 4 of my fingers amputated on my dominant hand. It took me 2 years to simply write again. Then another 2 yrs for me to regain enough strength to draw again. If i didn't have art in my life I never would've worked so hard to recover. Art gave me something to focus on in pain, gave me something to meditate on sleepless nights. Gave me peace in turmoil. This is why I know anyone can learn to draw.  

Sharing the benefits art has given me has become my true passion. Bringing classes on line has been my dream. I want to offer unique and affordable art experiences for everyone across the globe. Especially to Those that can't get out of their homes, to take a class. 

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