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Coolest Clipboard Box EVER!

I use these boxes for everything! Now made even better, we've added a clipboard clip to them! You can now take your art AnyWhere and always have a hard smooth serface to draw on! No more trying to decide which supplies to take with you, all your favorites will fit in one place! These are the most hady, durable, water resistent, boxes. 5x7 in size, they will hold multiple items, art supplies, paint brushes, paints, pens, small notebooks, and more. All in one place! They are the perfect size to slip into a purse without trying to puzzle multiple items into a bag for travel. Have them Quick and at the ready. Perfect for travel, both long distances and short.
I have one packed in my purse for taking anytime anywhere! 
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    5x7 clear, or teal durable plastic box, with a 4in clipboard attachment securely attaced to the outside to hold paper or pens.  These boxes will hold many pens, paper and other materials or mediums. 


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