Feathers Made Simple PDF Syllabus

Feathers Made Simple PDF Syllabus


Teaching Feathers has just gotten a whole lot easier! With this PDF learn not only how to create feathers in greater detail, but also how to teach others how to create them. This Syllabus was created with the art instructor in mind, but can be purchased by anyone. One of my few PDF files to be made and shared. So, if you've watched the Feathers Made Simple Videos, and feel inclined to share what you've learned, now is your chance! 11pages of written and visual instruction, created specifically to teach you how to teach.  

Syllabus Includes:

-Teacher Preparation

-equipment needed to teach

 -supplies needed for teaching and creating feathers

 -an in-depth lesson plan

 - For instructor only, pages of hand drawn step by step instructions created for each part of the feather, as well as a collective instruction page to copy for students to take home.

Its now possible for anyone to teach an art class. Take the leap, you wont regret it! 

Perfect for any art instructor, from Home-shcooling moms, to the professional  experienced art instructor, teaching feathers has never been more simple. 





To use the step-outs and teach the Feathers Made Simple class you MUST purchase this PDF syllabus. Sharing is not always caring. Sharing this PDF without written permission is plagiarism, or litterary theft. Please be kind and considerate of the time, energy and work we have put into this. 


    Along with the 11 page Feathers Made Simple Syllabus PDF,  you are also getting lifetime access to the Feathers Made Simple FaceBook group. Being a part of this group will give you both the ability to ask questions from me personaly and other like minded individuals. Being a part of this group will help you gain inspiration to teach feathers, as well as inspire you to create more art. We are the people we keep. Come Join the group and start teaching feathers today! Find it here

    Running this group and Being surrounded by other artists has helped me to find inspiration when all seems lost, it is something I take pride in and enjoy, we'd love to have you as an addition!

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