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Hey guys it's October 1st! Fall here!

Lots of people want to know what fall is really like here in Alaska, if I don't look past my yard, everything's rotting and dying around me, the leaves are falling from the trees and being trampled, the grass is getting slimy and decomposing under foot, I could get totally depressed over it. BUT If I look farther out, Alaska is very lovely in the fall time, and this fall has been gorgeous, which is nice because we had a really lame summer, weather wise. Life is all about perspective. When we focus to much on the close up details, we miss whats going on around us, completely missing the larger picture.

See pictures of Alaska's fall here

One thing I don't like about fall is it marks the start of colder weather here in Alaska, which I don’t mind (much) but someone thought that changing up the time twice a year was a good idea, so at the “end of fall” for everyone else, it is actually full blown winter here. Then We fall back an hour. Do you know what happens? Yes, We lose daylight just like everyone else, but there are times we only have 4-5 hours of light a day. Getting light at 10:30-11AM then it starts getting dark at 3:30pm. That is the part that kills me!

I digress...

What I want to share with you is a bit of my journey and how my creativity has kept me clean and (mostly) Sane. Not just from drugs and alcohol but also from, other negative coping mechanisms, depression, self deprivation, Over eating, under eating, sugar/carb addiction, caffeine addiction (still actively using this one), negativity, self judgement, and perfectionism. Maybe you can relate to one of those things? I am sure that there will be quite a few other things thrown in here, but those things seem to take precedence in my head most regularly. There are other things that go on outside my head, in the physical world, like being a parent, a step parent (AND staying sober) being a wife, a daughter, a friend, a dog and business owner as well as an artist. Oh and last but not least a survivor.

I will be giving you a mixture of videos, photos, and project ideas. You will probably be getting a few of my thoughts and opinions too. (you've been forewarned)

I don’t know how often I'll be posting, We shall see how it goes.

You can find me here on Instagram and on Facebook

I also have a Facebook Group and an instructional video here, called Feathers Made Simple. You can purchase my videos straight from my website they are $7.50. If your not ready to purchase the tutorial, that's A-OK.

(absolutely no pressure)

Last but not least, confession time. It is not really the 1st of October anymore, Its the 3rd.

(my typing is Really slow, but so is my perfectionist self who has now reread this post about a 100 times)

Happy October 3rd,

I am looking forward to connecting with all of you, no strings attached.

In celebration of October and fall, Here's an Inktober video for you, enjoy!

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