It's Still Monday in Alaska!

Read or skip to the very end for details on the Giveaway.

A few minor details and I'll have completed the impossible mountain of tasks I set before myself this weekend. What you ask, were those tasks? I rebuilt my entire website, not once but twice! This, was not on my list of things to do, BUT I like it now. Check it out and see for yourself! After 2 (FULL) days of eye numbing screen gouging, I was able to create a purchasable PDF version of the Feathers Made Simple Syllabus. That took a bit of creativity, but its there. You can find it here, make sure to follow the steps for proper downloading. Hoping for smooth transactions. Again, just let me know if you have any issues. Messaging me on messenger is the best way to contact me quickly. When you teach them, you can invite any of your students to join the Feathers Made Simple Facebook group for inspiration and like minded individuals.

I had a hard time deciding how much to charge for the syllabus so Let me tell you why I am charging $14 for it.

1. A lot of work went into it. I am becoming better at typing but lets face it, I am still missing four fingers ;~D

2. If you teach this as a class the price of it is less than half of 1 student, so your profit vs. cost more than quadruples with a class of three people.

3. The stepout's can't be found elsewhere, everyone can benefit from them, they are printable and shareable within your class, and not to brag, but they are pretty great.

Here is a quick video explaining the details of the syllabus.

Onward and upward! How about that Giveaway were all so excited about?

I haven't forgotten! If you don't know what I am talking about, I have assembled a Feathers Made Simple drawing Box! In the search for a feather stencil, I found most feather stencils to be completely inadequate. Remedying this, I created my own feather stencils, I call them Traceables. The Feathers Made Simple Box includes the two feather Traceables both different shapes and sizes. One measures approx. 5.5in the other 7.75in. adding sticky putty (included) to place on the back of the Traceables. The putty keeps them in place while tracing and is very gentle on the paper. Also included are a variety of white mixed media, and colored paper, including a hand designed piece made by yours truly. The hand designed paper is different for each kit, it adds a uniquely bright background on which to create your art work.

The kit includes some of my favorite drawing supplies.

~ Pens 3: a light brown Sakura micron 01, a Graphik micron 03 nib, and a clear sparkly Gelly Roll. ~Shading and highlighting tools: General's white charcoal pencil, a General Pencil Co. F grade graphite pencil. ( all time favorite!) and a blending stump.

~ I've found the perfect sized box to keep them all in. Not only do all the supplies fit in there, but it is a perfect traveling companion to accompany you anywhere you'd like to go! Keeps your supplies and paper safe from getting wet or ruined. If your like me, having drawing supplies and utensils at all times is essential!

These tangled feathers are just a few of the designs I've created using my new Feather Traceables.

~ Last but not least, these will be for sale soon! I am taking pre-orders right now.

They will be $25. Included in the purchase will be a video tutorial on how I use them and PDF versions of different filling pattern step outs and more. To make a pre-order email me here

In the spirit of Giving things away this month ( and my birthday month next month)

Id like to give something away that wont rot your teeth, cause you to gain weight, or cause irrational mood swings.

How to enter in the Feathers Made Simple Art box Giveaway

1. Subscribe to my website (Click Here)

2. Join the Feathers Made Simple Face Book Group (Click here)

3. Share this Blog post on your Facebook or Instagram

or email it to a friend if social media isn't your thing.

(Just hit the forward button on this email)

4. Make sure to Leave a comment on this blog when you've finished!

Ready, Set, GO! and Good Luck!

GiveAway will end November 12th at 11:59pm Alaska time (we are 4 hours behind Eastern time)

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