And the Winner Is....

Before I tell you who the winner is, I want to say thank you!

Thank you all for the wonderful support! I Couldn't be here doing this without you! I am excited about this "feather creating box", its really cool!

I'm going to keep this blog post brief, but I am excited for this Month! November, is the month for being grateful and for GIVING things to others. There will be more giveaways this month! Keep your eyes peeled for those! One is coming up SOON! In celebration of Thanksgiving AND my birthday. (They are happening a day apart from each other) Its crazy to me how having a birthday in the third week of November has only lead to me having Thanksgiving so close to my actual day of birth. Its only happened maybe 3 times in my entire life, this being the third! That my friends is a reason to celebrate! The other will be later in the month, in celebration of you! Like I said before, I wouldn't have anyone to share with if you weren't reading this right now!

OKAY! Who was the winner already? Geeze Amanda get on with the good stuff! Using a random name generator, I plugged in all the names that qualified,

annnnnd Drum roll Please!

The winner is Carolyn Dumaine, Congratulations Carolyn! I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations with this kit! I had the pleasure of meeting Carolyn last week in Rhode Island at an event called ZenAgain! What a fantabulous gathering of really talented people! ZenAgain is a conference that the co-founders of Zentangle put on for us CZT's, as a reunion of sorts. Rick, Maria, along with Martha, Molly, Julie and the rest of the Z-gang (such fun and caring spirits all of them). They taught us some new tangles, and gave us ideas to expand our creativity. I got to meet so many people, from all over the world and all over Facebook land too. Its so cool to meet people who are one day on a screen as words and pictures, then BOOM they grow into real live people! Makes me think of those little toy creatures, usually they're animals, dinosaurs, or monsters (something like that). You put them into a bowl of water over night and BOOM!


When you wake up they are all full sized, huge and really cool! Meeting Facebook friends is kinda like that.

I felt very blessed to be able to attend ZenAgain. I home school my youngest daughter and brought her along too. She came and did the nightly activities with us, but would have been board stiff to sit that long during the day. So my mama came too! Really, my mama coming, was what made it possible for us to go- thanks Mom!

While I was at ZenAgain I totally spaced taking pictures, but there were some really neat things that I got to experience and I would like to share them with you. I'll create a blog post with the few things I did, and the few shots I remembered to take, along with some of the creations we made together. The room we stayed in was gorgeous! There were so many lovely, and archaic things for the eyes to feast on! I wanted to take it all in, and that's what I did, but I completely forgot to take pictures! Guess that means I'll have to go back again! MuHahaha

If you haven't subscribed to ForgetmenotTangles yet, you can do so HERE

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