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Life is all about the process. It's like making a piece of white paper beautiful, one step at a time. All of us start with a blank page anytime we want. Not every page turns out as a work of art, they may be far from beauty, but what we learn will help us with the next page. Each day we get out of bed we have the opportunity to create a work of art, sometimes even starting over midday. Each time we can create something new, learning from the last.

The beginning

The middle

getting closer

shading complete

The whole thing

Working on various projects throughout the winter months. This piece came out of the end of my pen. It was started by playing with a compass and then some Copic Markers. Slowly filling it with various patterns. Then coloring and shading it. I like the end result, but it's not always so much about the end result. Its more about what we learn as we create.

When I set out to create this, I had no idea what I was creating, no planning is sometimes just what I need to do to create a space for my brain to process what I need to.

Try it.

#feelings #art #style #create

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